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Storage Tips

1.) It usually makes the most sense to rent the smallest unit possible, and pack wisely to save money. If there are items you need to access frequently, be sure to keep those items near the front. A larger unit may be necessary if you need to be able to walk around inside the unit to access your items regularly. In that case it is best to leave a walkway.

2.) Label your boxes on all sides for quick easy viewing.

3.) Use packing tape to seal boxes from dust for longer term storage.

4.) Stack the larger heavier boxes on the bottom, with the smaller more fragile boxes on the top.

5.) Wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap to prevent scratching.

6.) Use inexpensive plastic chair, sofa, and mattress covers to protect your furniture. We have these items available in our office.

7.) To consolidate space, dresser drawers and large appliances such as dryers & refrigerators can be used to store things like towels, clothes, or other small items.